i'm julia and i have a teen wolf problem.

i've also been SUPER into MCU and from dusk till dawn lately so be warned for a shitton of steve/bucky and gecko brothers

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"I hate mint chocolate. What’s the point? Just brush your teeth and have some chocolate. Fuckin’ hell."

— Matty Healy (x)  (via musingmaru)


The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.


Whoever he used to be, the guy he is now, he isn’t the kind you save; he’s the kind you stop.

Dylan O’Brien Suits Up For ‘Fashionisto’


richie is the younger gecko brother


[laughs] bucky barnes [laughs more] bucky barnes [laughter becomes strained] bucky…. barnes…. [laughter starts to dissolve into tears] bucky… [slowly sinks to the floor] ……. barnes……. [presses face into hands] bucky barnes

ninjathrowingstork said:
Imagine Bucky being afraid HYDRA will find him an wipe him again, so at Tony's suggestion he and the rest of the Avengers, but mostly Bucky, make video diaries (though no one else calls them that) of things he would need to remember. Some of them are funny, some sad.


it’s really hard to sum yourself up in one video, bucky finds. he can’t come up with the words for some things, like the way steve laughs or the way nat looks at him like he’s something precious or the way he feels safe with sam. these are the things he really wants to remember, he finds. after many failed attempts, he decides to simplify it.

"hey, i guess," he says, looking into the camera awkwardly. "i guess if you’re watching this, you pulled some dumbass stunt and got yourself in trouble and need some help remembering. am i right?" he pauses, as though waiting for a response, and then shrugs.

"there are only a few things you really need to know in this world, pal," he says, "so listen up."

"one: this is not your fault. i mean it. it took me months to figure that out the first time around, and you would save yourself a lot of trouble by just taking my word for it.

two: you can trust sam wilson. he cares about you and he was there for steve when you couldn’t be, and that’s all you really need to know. if you don’t know who steve is…well, i’m getting there.

three: do not fuck with natasha. i mean it. she loves you, but she will hurt you. don’t underestimate her either. she’s got experience with this memory-wiping stuff, too, but don’t ask her how. you’ll remember on your own. ask her if you need advice on this; don’t ask steve. you’ll just upset him. nat is hard to know and i could be wrong about this, but i think she’d do anything for you, and i know you’d do anything for her. keep that in mind.

four: steve. steve is your best friend. you grew up with him, and he loves you whether you deserve it or not.  here’s the thing, though. i need you to remember that it’s not your job to take care of him.it’s a good bet that if you’re watching this video, he’s falling over backwards trying to help you, and it is your job to let him. pretending nothing is wrong is not helpful. i know, i know, you’re a proud son of a bitch, but trust me, it’s best for both of you. it took you the longest damn time to figure out that the whole supporting each other thing is a two way street, and you’ll save both yourself and him a lot of heartache by taking it from me right now. but for god’s sake, be gentle with him. he’s the best thing you’ve got in this world.

five: you like baseball and dancing. steve’s got a book of drawings tucked in his desk drawer that you’ll probably like to look through, and the cabinet in the living room has the record collection with all of your favorites. try that if you’re having a hard time.”

bucky pauses, then looks into the camera again with a small smile.

"all right, kid, guess that’s all you really need to know. good luck, don’t fuck it up."


if you ever feel like a failure, just remember that jack crawford and the fbi arrested a vegan as the main suspect on a cannibal case